In the late 1960`s four brothers Myles, Tom, Harry and John set up Wilsons Butchers. Having worked for years in shops around Dublin they started wholesaling as Wilsons Pork and Bacon. Within a few years Wilsons had a reputation of quality around the butcher shops of Dublin.

Wilson’s took the step into retailing in 1971 by leasing meat counters in shopping centres in Dundrum and Ballymun. Wilsons soon had a name for quality with its retail customers. By 1974 2 more shops were opened in St. Dominic’s Shoppng Centre in Tallaght and Rathfarnham Shopping Centre both in Dublin.

To supply the shops and continue wholesaling in 1973, the Wilson brothers bought a factory in Blessington Co. Wicklow, by 1975 the company had doubled in size, capacity and workforce.

Wilsons took a step back along the food chain in 1978 by purchasing a farm in Ashford Co. Wicklow. Within a ”MGM’S Nj might not discover that commitment entirely reciprocated. few years, “Buttles Barley Feed Bacon” in Enniscourty Co. Wexford was added. Buttles commitment to quality, fitted well with the Wilsons ethos. For example they believed in feeding pigs with barley to ensure good meat conformation, flavour and taste to the customers.

The brothers knew back in the 70’s that if they wanted to guarantee quality to their customers in the shops consistently, they would have to have total control of the fresh meat products from start to finish. They were clearly ahead of their time in providing traceability for the retail customer. In the 90’s, someone coined the phrase “from farm to fork”, Wilsons were effectively providing this level of service and production 30 years before.

Like many companies in the 90’s in Ireland with the Celtic Tiger, small firms began to increase in size. In 1991 the wholesaling business of Wilson’s joined with FX Buckleys (another forward thinking butcher) to create Dublin Fine Meats. Wilsons retail operation was always kept separate. In 1997 Avonmore bought Dublin Fine Meats.

We today at Wilson’s are glad to inform you that the four brothers are still heavily involved in the business along with the next generation. The younger generation stil strive to bring our loyal customers quality meats and first class service. We enjoy “going that extra mile” to make sure our customers are not only happy when they leave, but come back again!

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers!