At Wilsons we value ourselves as a traditional butchers. We buy our beef, lamb and pork the traditional way, on the carcass. Our craft butchers process the meat to the highest standards. Beef joints and steaks are all matured for at least 21 days. Lamb is aged for 10 to 14 days. Our pork and Chicken is sold as fresh as possible to our customers.

At our facility in St. Dominic’s Shopping Centre in Tallaght, we cure our low salt ham, bacon and rashers as we have done for over 40 years. This is also where we produce our ever-popular traditional Wilsons sausages and pudding.

It is through long term working relationships with our suppliers that we guarantee high quality produce to our valued customers every time.

BEEF & LAMB –  Moyvalley Meats
Moyvalley meats are our prime Beef and Lamb suppliers. They are located in Broadford Co. Kildare.

CHICKEN – Dun Luain Foods
Our Breaded Chicken Products come from our cousins at Dun luain foods. Brothers Dermot and Part of your theory test is identifying hazards on a simulated environment. Ronan Wilson started this company in 1996. They make a range of high quality breaded chicken products from there E.U. approved factory in Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow.

PORK & BACON– Ballon Meats
Ballon Meats has been supplying us for 12 years with the freshest quality pork. It is committed to producing pork to the highest possible quality standards. The implementation of this commitment begins at farm level and ends at point of sale.

Pork is produced in accordance with the Quality Assurance Schemes operated by Bord Bia.

FISH – McAllisters
McAllister’s fishmongers are a family business, and have been supplying us for over twenty years with the freshest fish. They are proud members of the BIM Seafood Circle 2012.